Her love letter to her darling dog is very touching and could move everyone

This six-year-old boy is called Marc. He dreamed of a dog. First, his parents didn’t want to buy him.

Once, his mom heard him praying for a dog. The parents decided to give him a present on his birthday. The dog was called Bruno.

It was an unforgettable day for the boy. Now he was happy. Coming back from school, he was always next to Bruno.

At night he slept with his friend. He was a very intelligent and capable dog. Marc couldn’t imagine his life without his four-legged friend.

One day, coming back from school, Marc did not find his Bruno.

The dog had suffered from an automobile accident when he was walking near their house. And now he was in an animal clinic.

The parents did not want Marc to visit him and see him in such a painful situation. After crying, the boy wrote a touching letter to his friend.

He said he loved him like a brother. He remembered such pleasant and unforgettable moments spent together.

He reminded her of their favorite things, when the two of them ran to make a snowball and play ball.

The boy remembered all the good times we had spent together.

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