A little woman saved a bumblebee and after that they became great friends

Kindness can truly have incredible consequences and change the world for the better. This interesting event happened with a girl who adored animals and showed exceptional love for them.

Once Marie was walking in a garden with her dog and she had seen by chance a yellow and blue bumblebee very close to her.

When she looked closer, she realized the animal was in trouble and needed help. He just had to get him off the road to be safe.

So Marie decided to help the bumblebee as she couldn’t leave it like that.

Marie made a decision to take the bumblebee with herself and that way we became great friends.

Marie’s mother and father were really surprised by this exceptional relationship, but we were very happy for both of them. The bumblebee is still with her and we are almost inseparable.

Mary tried many times to help the animal back into the wild, but still the bumblebee liked to stay with her.

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