In the rivers of Texas anglers have caught a gar fish – a rare freshwater species

Garfish or alligator garfish is one of the six largest species of freshwater fish. It is a rare and little known species by science.

Texas anglers caught a river bug while fishing in a swamp.

Their guide said it was a melanistic alligator, a species that hasn’t appeared for a long time.

This creature was eleven meters in length, but there were those whose length reached to more than fourteen meters.

The bizarre and prehistoric appearance of this fish shocked users of social networks where photos of these giants were posted. It was a real sensation for the fishermen and for the inhabitants.

Giant fish like these are rare and endangered, because they live in slow-moving rivers that are often restructured and also because of overfishing.

Scientists don’t have many discoveries about this black species of alligator gar and can’t track their population because they appear very rarely.

It is believed that these creatures are harmless to humans.

The gigantic fish are protected by the government and the authorities have set a fishing limit.

But still, fishermen manage to catch gar fish measured from thirteen to seventeen meters in length.

Texas river anglers continue to break records by catching the heaviest fish weighing up to one hundred and sixty pounds.

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