A nice Brazilian hairdresser cuts the hair of the homeless: he wants to see people smile

Leandro Matias, a 37-year-old man, lives in Votorantim, a Brazilian town in the state of São Paulo.

Leonardo is a hairdresser and he worked in his own beauty salon for 17 years.

Leandro has been helping homeless people for five years. This kind man assiduously helps 30 people who are in need and live on the streets.

But people did not know that the hairdresser was a benefactor and came to the aid of the homeless to see them smile.

He became famous when he started sharing photos of his clients, which he did for free.

And many users thanked the good-hearted hairdresser in their comments.

“It’s very nice to be able to help them regain their self-esteem. They are full of gratitude,” the hairdresser said in an interview with Metropoles.

Leandro offers more than a beautiful haircut, he does magnificent hairstyles and even takes care of beards and grooms faces.

The hairdresser began to carry out his project as early as 2017, when one day a poor woman visited his salon to have her hair done.

Leonardo achieved an incredible transformation and the woman thanked him with tears.

And from then on, the hairdresser serves people in a difficult financial situation who can visit his salon once a month.

Leandro wants to develop his project and he counts on the help of other people. He wants to offer his customers clothes and food too.

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