She starts a dance but the giraffe steals the show

This moment remains unforgettable! A young woman has chosen a beautiful sunny location to make a funny little video of herself. But she doesn’t expect to have to share the spotlight.

As she was about to dance, she had no idea that she was going to live this moment. She first positions her camera, ignoring the animal that closes behind her. The latter seemed to have a well-defined idea in mind.

It’s as if the giraffe has been waiting all its life for a chance to live this moment. It looked like this large mammal seemed to know the camera was at the right height. He knew the device was going to take his whole face.

Curious, the mammal watches the woman as she begins to dance. Quickly, he makes his way until he blocks the young woman, who looked very tiny next to him. Decidedly, this video will live a good moment of sharing. Look!

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