Two cute creatures were born on the same day and were considered brothers

Photographer Ivette Ivens, a then 25-year-old mom from Chicago, picked up a French bulldog born on the same day as her son Dilan.

As soon as she learned that they were both born on May 26, 2014, she immediately decided that she had to take Farley home, who at the time was 3 months old.

From the moment the dog walked through the door of the house and met Dilan, the two friends became inseparable.

“Farley is a mischievous dog. Seriously, he’s the funniest dog I’ve ever met,” Ivette told

“And Dilan, my sweet adorable baby, is very cool and the animals make him excited,” she said.

The woman thought Dilan and Farley were the same species, as they did everything together.

They played, ate together and even bathed together in the bathroom.

When the boy was crying, the puppy would calm him down with his canine hugs.

“They’re both at the stage where they chew it all up,” Ivette said.

The toddler enjoyed playing with other dogs and kittens as well, but Farley remained his most devoted friend.

Ivens explained that the dynamic duo even used to sleep together every night, but now they don’t sleep together anymore, “since Farley snores like an old man!” 

Yvette always photographed the inseparable duo, especially when they slept together.

She shared these beautiful photos on social networks which were admired by several people.

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