This inventive little girl made purchases for 250 euros without her mother suspecting it

The events of this story took place in the United States, in the town of Maumeel, Arkansas.

The ingenuity of 6-year-old Ashlynd Howell surprised social media followers.

Ashlynd dreamed of the Pokemon toys that her mom Bethany refused to buy her.

But the inventive girl created her plan. When she was watching a movie with her mother, the little girl waited for her mother to fall asleep.

So, Ashlind started acting without her mother’s knowledge. And how did she do it?

Taking advantage of the situation, she took her mother’s thumb and pressed it against the smartphone scanner.

Unlocking it, she found the Amazon online store. The girl’s clever plan succeeded. She bought 13 Pokémon for which she had to pay 250 euros.

The next day, the woman saw a charge alert. His first thought was “Hacked. »

But then Bethany started questioning her daughter and the little one proudly confessed that she was the secret breaker.

She also added that her mother could rest assured that the toys would be delivered to the house.

The woman tried to return most of the Pokemon, but was only allowed to return four toys.

Ashlynd was very happy. The little girl got nine unexpected toys, like real presents from Santa Claus.

She also gained popularity on social networks by making many people laugh.

There are other parents too, who have appeared in the same situation. For example, a little boy opened his beloved games on his father’s phone.

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