This creative young man hasn’t shampooed his hair for six years to keep it healthy

Usually, hair is very important for people’s appearance.

But it often happens that the male half of humanity begins to lose them, and this becomes a real drama for men.

They start looking for different ways not to go bald.

They use special hair washing products or seek alternative methods.

People have been washing their hair with shampoos for decades.

Nick Coetzee is a young man known on social networks.

He claims there is no reason for people to wash their hair with synthetic shampoos.

He explains that to take care of the hair, you should never shampoo it.

He tells on his web page how he successfully faced hair loss.

Nick says he noticed his hair started to fall out over time and his very dense hair was gradually shrinking.

So the idea came to her to stop washing her hair with shampoo and not using conditioner as well.

According to Nick, the problem arises by using chemicals.

And for that, he has not used them for six years.

There have been many people who think that the man is not right, so the hair will become greasy.

But Nick is showing everyone his gorgeous hair by sharing his photos on the internet. Really, they are healthy, voluminous and very beautiful.

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