The 114-year-old granny has fulfilled her sacred dream that she has been cherishing for years

Every person wants to get a property and especially to own their own house.

But, unfortunately, not everyone has the opportunity to buy an apartment or a detached house.

Some succeed and others wait a long time or all their life.

If you are still young and can work, all is not lost.

You can fight for your goal to have your own home and live in the family home.

But for old people who don’t have enough finances, buying a house becomes almost impossible and they had to live forever as tenants.

But the story of this elderly grandmother is an example of patience and determination.

Maria Lopes da Silva is a 114 year old woman. People who can reach this age are very rare worldwide.

She lives with her daughter Elza Maria in Brazil, in the north of Recife.

Fate gave him a very long life, but had not given an opportunity to buy a house for so many decades.

Maria was a hardworking woman and for several years she worked hard, but did not have the opportunity to buy an apartment.

Recently, the old woman received the certificate of ownership and she cried with emotion and joy.

It was included in a project that had been going on since 1913 and delivered accommodation to the families benefiting from this initiative, of which there were 742.

“I worked for many years, I did various jobs, but I never had my roof. I am very happy to become an owner of an apartment,” said Maria.

Now the elderly woman has her own 42 square meters.

She says she never gave up and all her life she kept believing that one day her dream would come true.

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