This Woman Was Homeless, Now She’s A Multi-Millionaire, Has Graduated And Is Getting Married

Six years ago, Lucia Forseth was living on the streets. In a few years, fate has turned for this woman who recently won the sum of 5 million dollars in the lottery.

Lucia Forseth is a woman who has seen the odds turn in her favor. Six years ago, in 2017, she had no home and was living on the streets. Since then, her situation has improved a lot since she recently won the jackpot in the lottery and won the sum of 5 million dollars. Lucia bought a single Scratchers ticket at a convenience store where she was going to change the oil in her car.

With this single ticket, Lucia became a multi-millionaire , to her delight.

“I only bought one ticket! I closed my eyes and picked this one, and I won! At first I thought I had won a free ticket but I checked, and I was told I had won $5 million ,” she explained.

A former homeless woman becomes a multi-millionaire
This gain is a real chance for the former homeless who has seen her life change completely in a few years.

“Six years ago I was homeless. This year I’m getting married, getting my associate’s degree, and making $5 million. You never think you have a chance of winning. It’s just random. Being homeless just six years ago, I never thought this would happen to someone like me ,” she said, moved.

A multimillionaire, Lucia plans to buy a house and invest the rest of her money .

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