The man has lived alone on an island for 32 years and does not want to return

Mauro Morandi, from the region of Emilia, Italy, was born in 1939.

For 32 years, he has been the only inhabitant of the island of Budelli, in the Maddalena archipelago, in Sardinia.

Guardian of the island, he is a kind of modern Robinson Crusoe. The story of the lonely man interested many people and also CNN, who interviewed him.

Morandi told CNN he had been a rebellious spirit since childhood and first ran away from home when he was nine years old.

Mauro was teaching physical education in Modena, when in 1989, with a group of friends, he decided to go to Polynesia to start a new life.

But the catamaran broke down and the man had to land on Budelli Island. Fascinated by the splendor of this wonderful place, Mauro decided to stay there forever.

And when the island keeper retired, the man decided to take his place.

From then on, he spends his time cleaning up the island.

At first Mario didn’t want to talk to anyone, but over the years he changed and started to enjoy spending his time talking to tourists about the beauty of the island.

During the winter there are few tourists and Mauro spends most of his time alone. He declares that he feels quite alone and does not suffer from loneliness.

He posts photos of the island on social media, which feature the wonderful sunrises and sunsets.

“The island has become state property and I am here until the new park president decides my fate,” he told CNN.

Morandi adds that he would like to continue his peaceful life on the island.

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