By choosing to carry his dog rather than his son, this man has gained the sympathy of a large number of Internet users

For the past few days, a video filmed in 2022 has been a hit on the TikTok social network. In the images, we see a father carrying his dog rather than his son. An attitude that moved Internet users.

It’s no secret that everyone has a sense of priorities. And it is not this father from Mexico who would dare to say the opposite. As he strolled down the street, he ‘chose’ to carry his dog instead of his baby boy.

This scene was captured by a certain Luz Elena. The latter was driving her car when she saw this funny trio walking on the sidewalk, under a blazing sun. She was quick to share the video on her TikTok account.

At the time, the publication, titled “ When your priority is your dog , not the child ”, was a hit on the social network. In recent days, the clip has experienced an unexpected resurgence in popularity.

In total, the images garnered over four million views and over 5,000 comments.

Internet users defend the decision of the father of the family
Unsurprisingly, the dad’s attitude sparked an online discussion about family priorities. In the comments, many users defended this man’s decision.

” If the dog’s leg is broken, the child can walk very well on his side “, ” It is clear that this father loves his dog as much as his son “, ” The little boy wears shoes and the dog does not don’t wear, he can burn his paws , ”one can read among the many reactions.

One thing is certain: the attitude of the father of the family was unanimous on TikTok . The latter may have wanted to protect the pads of his four-legged friend from the hot ground.

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