Orphaned in a year, Louane refused to have children. Here’s what happened years after

Louane is a fulfilled woman and a happy mother, but she comes from afar. After losing her parents within a year, she struggled to recover. Now a mother, she refuses nothing to her daughter.

Little Esme makes her mother happy. She was born during the first confinement, from the loves of Louane and her darling Florian Rossi.

Back on his journey.

2014 is one of the most important years of Louane’s life, and this for several reasons. It was in 2014 that she became known to the public, but it was also that year that she lost her parents, who were her guides at the start of her career.

Louane comes from a blended family of 6 children. Before her father and mother got together, they had 3 girls and 1 boy respectively. Louane and Louise are the two children of their parents, but their family has always lived in love and unity.

¨I understood in college it seems to me, what the word “half” meant in a sibling. With us, it never existed¨.

Their parents, Jean-Pierre (59) and Isabel Peichert (50), respectively of German and Portuguese origin, were at the head of their own insurance brokerage company (SCAD Assurances).

Unfortunately, they were taken away by cancer. Jean-Pierre died shortly before his daughter took part in ¨The Voice¨. Unfortunately, he could not admire his performances. His mother, meanwhile, helped him enroll in the program, but she left before his consecration.

Louane was only 16 at the time, and she struggled to recover. The pain was all the greater as her parents were her guides and mentors, they always encouraged her to pursue her professional goals. Touched, she said:

“The lack and emptiness that we have when we lose someone, they don’t leave”.

During their lifetime, his parents passed on to him the love and value of hard work. She does not hide it: it is thanks to them that she managed to break through:

¨They killed themselves with the task, My mother passed on to me the taste for work. And my father had a huge heart, I hope that I am like that too in the eyes of people¨, she revealed. Louane was very close to her parents. She adored her father, who was a real cordon bleu. She had a close relationship with her mother, to whom she dedicated the title ¨Maman¨, from her first album ¨Chambre 12¨. In her second album, ¨Louane¨, she dedicated the title ¨If you were there¨ to them.

She was so marked by her experience as an orphan that she was always afraid to give birth. The reason is simple: she did not want her children to feel this excruciating pain that marked her.

His relationship with Florian Rossi: a one-way crush
Louane is an accomplished artist, who is also emotionally happy. For 4 years, she has been in a relationship with Florian Rossi. They spin the perfect love, but everything was not necessarily written.

Their story began with a one-way love at first sight. Their meeting happened in the professional setting, and at that time, Florian seduced Louane without even realizing it.

It was in July 2017. Louane was about to release her second album and she approached Florian so that he could play for her during her tour. She was struck by love at first sight, but it was not reciprocated, as the musician had barely noticed her.

Louane waited for the end of his tour, ie 8 months, to finally confess his feelings to him, and he reacted positively. She still remembers:

¨It was very hard, but at the same time, it’s the most beautiful thing that has happened to me. From that moment on, I didn’t have the same life at all. For the first time in my life, I met someone who really understood me¨, she acknowledged.

By her side, Louane discovered the true meaning of love. She feels cherished, fulfilled and protected. By getting into a relationship with the Florian, Louane has found his other half. While she did not want to give birth, for fear of making her children suffer her fate, Florian managed to convince her to do so.

This is how during the first confinement in France, the singer gave birth to their first child, named Esmée.

His fear gave way to immense joy and great pride. Each time she sees her daughter, she cannot help feeling an immense happiness that she might not have known if she had not met Florian Rossi. Louane is full of praise for her parents. So, we may well wonder what type of mother she is for little Esme? Since 2020, Louane’s life has changed radically, and this, in a good way. The birth of his daughter has completely turned his life upside down:

“It changed everything. It was during the lockdown. So, I was lucky enough to experience a rather mild confinement, honestly. But yeah, it changed my whole life.” she acknowledged.

She added:

“It’s true that in my life, Esme, it’s synonymous with joy of living. I admit that anyway when she was born, as she was going to be born no matter what, I had no no plans to return anytime soon. Whatever happened at that time, I would have stayed with her. I was lucky enough to be able to”.

She wants to protect her daughter and preserve her from media exposure:

“I hope that I will manage to respect my daughter’s private life as much as possible because she did not ask for anything. My life is one thing, hers is another. She has the right to do a lot of things in real life”,

she blurted out.

Louane is therefore a real mother hen, and she refuses almost nothing to her daughter.

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