Gérard Lanvin left school because of his mother, who sold second-hand clothes…

Gérard Lanvin, who will be 72 years old in June 2022, stopped studying at the age of 17 when his parents forbade him. The showman who has become a successful actor and singer, husband and father can now support his family, including his mother, who receives an average pension of 300 euros.

This famous French actor was born on June 21, 1950 in Boulogne-Billancourt under the name of Gérard Raymond Lanvain. Son of bourgeois parents, he abandoned his studies at the age of 17, despite their limitations. He becomes a showman and, as a successful comedian, he sells second-hand clothes on a flea market in Saint-Ouen. He then met several celebrities, including the famous comedian Coluche, who launched him into the world of cinema.

Knowing that his father has gone to a sanatorium, he spends his childhood surrounded only by women, including his mother and two sisters. It is therefore not surprising that he defends women.

According to the Monthly Salary website, his father currently has a monthly salary of 141,000 euros. It seems that the man has also embarked on a musical career in addition to his film roles.

After marrying the famous actor in 1984, Jennifer decided to leave the microphone permanently to devote herself to her family.

As she had two children, Leo in 1973 and Manu in 1988, it was important for the former artist to leave the entertainment industry.

Despite his prestige and notoriety, Gérard Lanvin has always had his feet on the ground. He donated much of his earnings to his relatives, including the woman who gave birth to him. In an interview with Le Figaro, he mentioned the meager pension his mother received.

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