Anny Duperey wants to die before she becomes a ‘burden’ to her children

Anny Duperey does not plan to become dependent on her children and grandchildren. At the dawn of her 80th birthday and after suffering from a medication error, Anny Duperey announces her wish to “leave before being a burden” for her family.

Jean Marboeuf’s text in “My Dear Children” seems to have been specially written for Anny Duperey, the character looks so much like her. The play, which however speaks of the life of a woman, a mother and a widow, is not entirely similar to that of the actress.

Admittedly, like her character and like other women, she “laughs, gets angry, marvels and is nostalgic”. Only, unlike this retired mother, she is far from wanting to be a burden on her family.

Arrived at a certain age, we must believe that the question about the end of life often comes back. This is precisely the case of Anny Duperey who is ill with the thyroid.

Anny Duperey, a thyroid patient for several years, has become the spokesperson for people in the same situation as her. During her appearance on the set of “C à vous”, Thursday November 7, 2019, the French novelist expressed herself angrily. She especially confided in the inglorious words of her doctor.

“It is a gentleman who has caused me a great anger. The expert doctor who told me that ‘any change was anxiety-provoking – whereas I had taken it quite calmly – especially in people whose moods were weakened by their pathology’. I wanted to catch the guy”. she said in front of her interlocutor.

The actress is “finally gone on this revolt” and she leads the fight against the new formula of the drug, Levothyrox, which had side effects on her.

Indeed, the star of “A wonderful family” had complained of “disturbing discomfort, intense fatigue but also an inability to sleep, dizziness, cramps in the thighs and intestinal disorders”.

The ailments appeared after she finished her last box. In 2017, she explained:

“When I play, I look good”, she explained, in 2017, to Parisian. “But in the evening, I collapse. It is no longer a question for me of going to the theater or the cinema: I am physically unable to do so. I even had to give up the exercise bike that I normally practice every day with pleasure to keep myself in shape.”

Admitting that she is not a fighter, faced with the deterioration of her health, the mother of the family is already thinking of her end.

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