Despite doctors’ orders, Francis Perrin did not give up on his autistic son

A few years ago, Francis Perrin and his partner learned that their eldest son has autism. Although the doctors discouraged them, the two lovebirds did not give up. Today, Louis is better, he is independent and an actor.

Successful actor, Francis Perrin, 74, is also a lucky man in love. The actor is, in fact, in a relationship with Gersende Dufromentel for several years now.

The beautiful redhead met her while she was still a 3rd year student at the National Conservatory of Dramatic Art in Paris. From then on, they never let go and even said “yes” to each other in 2002.

The same year, the couple welcomed their first child together. A little boy named Louis, who was diagnosed with autism at just three years old. He also has a little sister, named Clarisse and a brother, called Baptiste.

Raising a child is not at all easy, even less if he has autism. Francis Perrin will not say the opposite. As already mentioned, Louis was still very young when his parents learned that he has autism.

Francis and his wife have also told the story of their eldest in a book entitled “Louis, step by step”.

The actor also spoke about his child in an interview with Télé-Loisirs. He recounts how the doctors were not kind to him and his companion when they announced that their son had autism.

“A layman from the Necker hospital told us: ‘You can mourn your child!’, he confided.

Some have also pointed the finger at the couple, saying their son’s disorder is related to their age difference. They also questioned the profession of Gersende Dufromentel, who is an actress, as well as her red hair.

A period of depression
Obviously, the announcement of their son’s autism was a real upheaval in the life of Francis Perrin and his wife. The daily life of their eldest was not at all easy at first. According to his mum, Louis was “very frustrated with all the frustrations”.

“He didn’t eat, he didn’t speak, he didn’t drink, he didn’t walk, he didn’t sleep (…). He was self-mutilating,”

Despite falling into disarray, Francis Perrin and Gersende Dufromentel continued to fight for their son. To help Louis, the two lovebirds notably made him follow an American method, ABA.

The goal is to re-educate the behavior of autistic people, through the senses, by stimulating them.

At Louis, the results began to appear from the first treatments, according to his father. His son, according to Francis Perrin, had begun to change and notably spoke his first words at the same time.

“We were in tears”, said the actor.

In 2011, the musician also got fed up with schools in France not accepting Louis because of his autism. He was able to count on the support of his two youngest in this fight since Clarisse and Baptiste decided to follow the courses at a distance to stay with their big brother.

It is therefore Francis Perrin himself who provides the lessons for his children. “The only obligation”, according to him, is that they return their homework “every fortnight”.

In short, obviously, Louis can count on his whole family to deal with his disorder. It goes without saying that their support has contributed to the evolution of his behavior.

“Today, he is independent, we take him everywhere, he is happy”, his father said.

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