Amputated Hind Legs, This Cat Wears Futuristic Prostheses And Internet Users Love It

Disabled, this cat with futuristic prostheses is a small celebrity on Instagram. Presentation.

At first glance, when seen lying or sitting, “Vituzzo Superstar” is a cat like any other.

However, when he gets up on his legs, we realize that the back ones are… bionic! Yes, you read that right, bionics!

This adorable ginger tabby cat has been wearing futuristic prostheses instead of his paws since an accident left him disabled . It was in December 2018.

At the time, the little feline was run over by a car while he was walking down a street. Urgently transported by his masters to the veterinarian , his injuries are unfortunately irreversible and the amputation of the two hind legs is decided.

Several weeks of rehabilitation will follow, during which the feline will have to try to rebuild itself by trying out several types of custom-made prostheses.

Until the day when the animal finally finds the “shoe that fits” (do you have it?) with bionic prostheses that give it the air of superheroes from the future.

The adaptation was not easy but Vituzzo finally managed to apprehend his new legs with which he moves normally today.

Throughout this period of rehabilitation, his masters did not hesitate to publish photos and videos of their adorable ball of fur on Instagram, where Vittuzo has become a real star, since the account dedicated to him now has 10,800 subscribers. .

And we understand why when we see the following photos.


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