The abandoned blind baby was adopted by a loving family

Sasha is a baby born without eyes. Because of his illness, he was abandoned by his mother. After several months in the orphanage, he finally found a family.

Sasha is from Russia and has SOX2 anophthalmia syndrome. This very rare eye disease affects one in 250,000 children, and people who suffer from it are born without eyes.

Sasha is the third baby in the world to have this disability.

The other children born with this disease subsequently developed other health problems. Archie Innes, a two-year-old Australian baby , suffers from gross motor retardation and mild hearing loss.

No cure is known today, and little boys will never be able to see the world around them.

When Sasha was born, he had two tiny eyeballs implanted, so his face wouldn’t distort as he grew up. Every six months, he will have to undergo a new operation to increase the size of his eye sockets.

Since she didn’t think she could offer him all the help he needed, Sasha’s mother decided to abandon him and entrust him to an orphanage.

At the moment, Sasha is in very good health. He just had two benign cysts on his forehead, which were removed.

“He’s no different from other kids. He plays and smiles like any healthy baby. He loves swimming, he’s a really happy baby ,” said the nurse who cared for him at the orphanage.

In the institution, many families came to see Sasha. All were unanimous: the baby is a peaceful and smiling little boy, who smiles when he hears familiar voices.

Last month, Sasha was finally adopted by parents from another city in Russia.

He has found a home filled with love, which gives him all the affection he needs.

“We are, of course, very happy for Sasha and we wish him and his parents all the best,” said one of the women who cared for him at the orphanage.

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