A couple set up a garden shed to gain the trust of a stray cat before offering him a shelter for life

In order to gain the trust of a stray cat, a couple decided to build him a small garden shed. This initiative has paid off since the feline has adopted its new shelter. Today, he is part of the family and lives happy days with her.

Gerrie and Loki make the happiness of their masters, a young couple residing in the Netherlands. Cats spend a good part of their day in an enclosure, in which they have fun and rest. One day, the hairballs received a visit from another cat .

The feline has even got into the habit of joining them on many occasions, provoking the curiosity of the owners of the place. The latter questioned the neighborhood to find out the identity of the animal. The quadruped was actually a stray cat that had wandered the neighborhood for years.

Touched by her story, Renee and her companion decided to offer her a home, but the cat – named Ziggy – was difficult to approach. In order to gain his trust, the couple set up a garden shed outside the enclosure. This initiative has paid off since the feline has adopted its new shelter.

Initially, the cat did not dare approach the home of its benefactors. It must be said that the tomcat enjoyed a certain comfort inside his house. Over time, Ziggy began to bond with his hosts: “ After a few weeks, I could finally touch him while he ate ,” Renee told The Dodo news site.

Unsurprisingly, the young woman and her partner became attached to Ziggy, but they did not know how to behave with him. On the other hand, they did not hesitate to take him to the vet when they found him injured inside the cabin.

On site, the cat received the necessary care before undergoing an operation. Once treated, Ziggy began his recovery with his new guardians: “ We kept him in a separate room for a few days . We then let him meet Gerrie and Loki again. Fortunately, they still got along well, so we decided to keep Ziggy with us.

Thanks to the patience and gentleness of his new masters, the former stray cat quickly adapted to his new life. A well-deserved revenge.

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