She saved the dying dog with a bullet wound by carrying him in her arms down the stony mountain

A young woman named Thérèse wanted to be alone with nature.

She went out early in the morning to hike up a small mountain not far from their countryside and then down to rest in a valley.

After climbing five hundred meters, the woman noticed a dog lying on a small rock. He was a young pit bull.

When the woman approached, she saw that the animal was injured and barely breathing. The wound was bleeding and there was little chance he would survive.

The woman found herself in an unusual situation. How to act?

She took the dying dog in her arms and the backpack began to descend the stony slope. The animal weighed almost twenty kilos and Therese walked breathlessly.

Surgery was needed quickly because the dog had an open wound in the abdominal area. She was afraid that the animal would die in her arms.

Finally, she got to the road and stopped a car. The dog was immediately taken to the vet.

Animal doctors testified that the poor animal had been shot. They treated the dog’s open wound in the abdominal area and removed the bullets received from his neck.

The little dog survived thanks to Thérèse’s courage and bravery.

He now has his family. Thérèse adopted him and we named him Bimbo.

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