A tiler displays her femininity and her know-how and dusts off the clichés

An Alsatian has become a real celebrity on TikTok. The reason ? His videos highlight his job: tiler in the building industry. The young woman thus breaks stereotypes and demonstrates with humor that this field is not reserved for men.

From the height of her 29 years, Kelly Cruz is not afraid to get her hands dirty. The young Bas-Rhinoise is a tiler in the building and… tiktokeuse! In her videos, the latter demonstrates with humor that femininity and the fact of working on a site go hand in hand.

After obtaining her hairdressing CAP, she decided to drop everything to join her father’s business, based in Mittelhausen (Bas-Rhin). Unsurprisingly, the young woman had to fight to prove that she had her place in this field usually reserved for men:

“When a woman arrives on a construction site, no one takes her seriously until she has proven that she can also do it. My message is that you have to persist, to prove that you are capable. Believe in yourself “ , she confided to our colleagues from France 3.

In her TikTok videos , the twenty-something does not hesitate to share behind the scenes of her job to sweep away stereotypes. She also provides DIY tips and tricks. And the least we can say is that his publications are a hit. The one with more than 700,000 subscribers has more than 3 million views on the counter.

But that’s not all ! The young woman received a compliment from the President of the Republic:   “A fine example to respond to prejudice, well done for sharing your passion! “ , wrote Emmanuel Macron in a comment.

“I was not warned, I discovered this comment on one of my videos. I am proud. It is a sector that is struggling to recruit, so if we can show it otherwise, it can improve its image , ”said the Alsatian.

Today, Kelly Cruz’s videos encourage young girls to enter the profession.

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