This woman forbids her husband to leave their home because he is… “too handsome”

A Mexican woman made headlines on the web after admitting that she prevented her husband from leaving their house.

Unhealthy jealousy and possessiveness sometimes push some of us to adopt extreme behaviours with our partner.

Illustration with a Mexican woman who recently made the buzz on social networks after confessing, during an interview, that she forbade her husband to leave the marital home because he is ” too handsome “.

In other words, she “holds” her husband because she doesn’t want another woman to steal from her.

To say the least, she agreed to discuss a radical method at the microphone of a Mexican tiktokeur in a viral sequence (see below).

In this video viewed by more than 55 million people, the couple thus discusses their relationship and the woman first explains how handsome her husband is. A beauty which, according to her, would provoke the jealousy of females.

“ They envy me because of the handsome husband I have ,” she explains seriously, fearing a husband “theft”.

Invited to comment on this situation, the latter confirms the ban imposed on him by his wife.

“ It’s one thing she always told me, that I’m very handsome. That’s why she doesn’t let me go out , ”says this man , who specifies that this situation has caused him to lose all his friends.

We also learn that he would no longer work because of the morbid jealousy of his wife, who is therefore the only one to earn a living and meet the needs of the couple.

Some Internet users nevertheless doubt the veracity of their remarks and many of them denounce a staging intended to create a buzz.

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