A supermarket came up with an original and controversial method of exposing thefts

Unfortunately, this is not new: every year, countless supermarkets are victims of thefts on their shelves. On the other hand, what is a great first, chain is the way used by an establishment located in Verdun-sur-Garonne, in the Tarn-et-Garonne, to fight against this phenomenon.

Indeed, the managers simply decided to highlight the faces of the alleged thieves on a large panel, accompanied by the mention “thieves of the month” (in reference to the famous “employee of the month”) presented at the entrance. of the shop.

The latter thus appear flying on screenshots taken from videos recorded by the surveillance cameras of the Intermarché and the least that can be said is that the reprimanded customers do not go unnoticed.

Some will certainly find that the method is a fair return, others will no doubt see it as an abuse. This particularly original initiative, revealed by our colleagues from La Dépêche du Midi, is making a lot of noise in the four corners of the country and everyone has their own opinion.

But in any case, the points of view may vary, the way of proceeding chosen by the management of the Intermarché de Verdun-sur-Garonne remains totally illegal.

The brand did not wish to dwell on the gesture, considering that “each business leader is independent within the Mousquetaires group of which Intermarché is a part” , and adding that “this purely local and isolated initiative does not concern Intermarket”.

For their part, the couple of franchised managers informed journalists from the regional daily press who went there that the initiative was an assumed choice.

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