At 84 she lost everything and now went to live on her native farm

This renowned host of cooking shows appeared on the small screen in 1983. Marie-Thérèse Ordonez was an emblematic personality of French gastronomy.

Maïté succeeded in realizing her dream by transforming her passion into a job. She exchanged her SNCF announcer cone for a kitchen apron.

In the 90s, she already had a cracking popularity.

It all started in 1983, with the meeting of director Patrice Bellotto, when he had come to film a report on a rugby team for which the future host was cooking.

With host Micheline Banze-Lawton, from 1983 to 1997, she hosted the popular cooking show called “La cuisine des mousquetaires”.

Then, her talent shone in the show “À table” and, for several years, she also worked as a host at Sud Radio.

With her career in the media, Maïté has also become a restorer.

In her restaurant, she recorded her shows. She started publishing cookbooks, making documentary films and works of fiction.

But in 2013, her life completely changed. Madame Ordonez has lost the meaning of life, because her adorable only son left this world due to cancer.

The disappearance of her adorable son, the liquidation of her restaurant in 2015 and finally, the loss of her beloved husband in 2020, turned her whole life upside down and the woman went to live far from everyone and no one except her loved ones. , does not know exactly where she lives.

Some media reported that she moved to live on her native farm, in Landes.

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