She induces her delivery early so that her dying husband can meet her baby

An American has decided to induce her delivery in advance. The reason ? To ensure that her husband, who has cancer, can meet her baby before he dies.

Diane Aulger is an American mother of five children. As her family was about to grow once more and she was waiting for a happy event, her husband fell ill. Mark, 52, was diagnosed with cancer.

“While I was pregnant he was talking to my belly, he was so excited to welcome him. He would have been a wonderful dad for Savannah ,” Diane said.

However, Mark’s illness was meteoric. Shortly after Christmas, Mark was rushed to hospital as he was unable to breathe. The doctors’ prognosis was fatal: he only had one week left to live because his lungs had been damaged too much by the chemotherapy.

She gives birth early for her husband
Faced with this terrible news, Diane decided to induce her delivery so that Mark could meet her baby. In agreement with the doctors, she gave birth to a little girl and her dad was able to take her in his arms.

“He held her for 45 minutes. We both cried during all this time” , confided Diane, very moved.

The next day, Mark was able to hold his daughter for only a minute before falling into a coma. He sadly passed away four days later. After this tragic story, a great surge of solidarity was created around the family. The Dallas Christian College notably offered a scholarship worth 270,000 euros to finance the children’s four years of higher education.

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