She calls for free plane seats for overweight people and wants other passengers to pay the difference

A “plus size” traveler calls for free plane tickets for overweight people. A legitimate wish?

This is a special request that should not fail to react!

A “plus-size” North American influencer recently called for people who are overweight to be eligible for free extra seats on planes , so they can sit comfortably.

Content creator specializing in travel, Jaelyn Chaney – herself of large build – wants obese people to be systematically reimbursed for the seats they take in addition to travel serenely.

This is essentially what it asks of the airlines as well as of the FAA, the federal authority which manages air transport in the United States.

Towards a reimbursement of additional airplane seats for overweight people?
Jaelyn, however, admitted that she did not know how much such a measure could cost, while proposing that other passengers , who are not overweight, contribute financially to this free. This would of course imply an increase in ticket prices for these travellers.

” As tall travelers, my partner and I have unfortunately been victims of discrimination and discomfort on the plane ,” she explains in an online petition , which has already been signed by approximately 5,700 Internet users.

“ All tall passengers should be provided with a free extra seat, or even two or three seats depending on their weight, in order to meet their needs and ensure their comfort during the flight (…) Airlines should offer a refund to tall passengers who purchase additional seats independently. It should be a simple procedure, accessible online or through customer service ,” adds the influencer, originally from Vancouver (Canada).

“ On a flight from Pasco to Denver, my fiancé was subjected to hateful comments, disapproving looks and even a refusal to sit next to him, which amounts to discrimination (…) Similarly, on another flight, I was forced to occupy a single seat with non-removable armrests which caused me pain and bruising ”, she says again.

To argue her request, Jaelyn Chaney also showed the difficulties encountered by obese people who travel by plane, through several videos posted on Instagram.

Is this request legitimate?

The debate has begun.

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