Disappeared 17 years ago, a cat finds its mistress and lives its last moments with her

Recently, a Scottish woman found her cat who disappeared 17 years ago. It is the microchip of the animal which is the origin of these reunions.

In 2004, veterinary nurse Kim Collier went through hell when her cat Tilly went missing after moving to Scotland. The furball was nowhere to be found, but its owner continued to update critical information on the animal’s microchip.

Tuesday, March 8, Kim Collier received a call from the association “Scottish Society for Prevention of Cruelty to Animals” (SSPCA). On the phone, the organization asked her if she knew a cat known as Tilly. Stunned, the latter indicated that it was her pet that had disappeared for many years.

“It was a very strange feeling. My world was turned upside down but in a good way ,” the 39-year-old Scot told the Daily Record. The feline was found in the area where it vanished 17 years ago. His microchip made it possible to find his owner.

The SSPCA was contacted by a concerned woman who had spotted the cat in poor condition. After reuniting with her mistress, Tilly was transferred to a veterinary clinic. The latter – who is about to blow out her 20 candles – suffers from bladder cancer.

Today, the quadruped is living his last days in the palliative care unit. For his part, Kim Collier hopes to bring him home so that they can live this moment together: “I am not going to abandon him. The clinic staff are very kind to Tilly. She is very spoiled”.

Unfortunately, the state of health of the cat does not improve: “The main thing is that she is safe and that the veterinarians give her extraordinary care. We know the result isn’t great, but I just want her to be comfortable .”

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