Barely out of high school, this young woman earns 4600 euros per month with a dream dream job

Becoming a yacht hostess at only 22 years old, Emery Wallerich recounts her daily life made of travels and encounters around the world. An enviable situation which brings him nearly 5000 dollars (4600 euros) per month.

“ Don’t talk about that to my children. They will want to do it immediately ”. This sentence launched by the mother of Emery Wallerich to a chief stewardess on a super yacht, which rented a property to the Wallerich family was prescient. After earning her degree in digital communications at age 22, Emery left for Florida .

The young woman had only one desire, to become a yacht stewardess, to the chagrin of her mother.

Today Emery, 24, works as a second stewardess aboard a private 42-meter sailboat for a family in South Florida.

His role on the staff? Taking care of the interior of the yacht and the family: “ I make the beds, I serve meals and drinks, I bring sunscreen and towels, I wipe down the showers, I vacuum, I organize karaoke evenings – I just make sure that the family and their guests have a tidy yacht and that they are taken care of at all times , ”explains the young woman to the Insider site .

Her daily life takes Emery across the globe and to the Caribbean where she currently works. A heavenly and enviable way of life that the hostess recounts via videos on her TikTok account where she is followed by 425,000 subscribers.

Through his videos, Emery collects income but insists it is ‘a way to put my degree in digital communications to good use and show that life on a yacht is not a drama ‘ , as shown by some reality TV shows across the Atlantic.


Each month, for his full-time job aboard a sailboat, Emery receives between 4200 and 5000 dollars per month. A significant sum that allows Emery to save. “ I can save so much since my accommodation, my food and even my toiletries are entirely provided by my work. I have already increased my salary in my first two years ”. The salary can go up to $100,000 a year for the most experienced.

As part of his job, Emery travels much of the year to heavenly places. She has already visited seven countries and will soon be casting off in the Atlantic and the Mediterranean.

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