Algeria: a cat climbs on the shoulder of an imam during a prayer!

In Algeria, a cat did not hesitate to climb on the shoulder of an imam who was reciting a prayer. An adorable scene that did not fail to move Internet users.

On April 3, an adorable scene occurred in a mosque in Bordj Bou Arreidj, in eastern Algeria: a cat climbed onto the shoulder of an imam who was reciting a prayer in microphone.

Luckily, this touching moment was immortalized on video. On the images, we can see the tomcat turning around the monk. And the least we can say is that the animal felt the need to greet him.

Indeed, the ball of fur did not hesitate to jump on him before climbing on his shoulders. Once this step was completed, the feline affectionately rubbed its head against that of the monk. But that’s not all ! He even licked her face before leaving.

For his part, the imam gave the cat a little caress while continuing the prayer, as if nothing had happened.

The scene made the rounds on social media
Without real surprise, the images have been around social networks and media since the beginning of the week. In the comments, netizens praised the imam’s attitude and the beauty of the scene:

” He must have a good heart, that’s for sure “, ” A very sweet image “, ” This scene is much too adorable “, ” It’s magnificent !”, ” This little cat probably wanted to take part in the prayer “, maybe we read among the many reactions.

For the moment, we do not know if the cat belongs to the imam, but the latter seems to appreciate it enormously.

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