A couple wins 205 million euros in EuroMillions but can never collect their prize

In Great Britain, a couple was completely shocked when they learned that they could never touch the enormous sum they had won at EuroMillions. Explanations!

When you play a money game, you have very little chance of hitting the jackpot, but that does not prevent you from insisting on finally becoming rich. This British couple knows that better than anyone because they’ve been trying their luck at EuroMillions for years.

By consistently subscribing, they signed up for all draws by playing the same numbers through the app. Then, the ultimate reward finally came since their favorite numbers allowed them to win the modest sum of 205 million euros.

Only here, the couple quickly went from ecstasy to disillusion. Already looking ahead with their huge gain, they were already thinking about affording themselves a new car, a new house and some trips.

Their personal account not funded
It’s when they decide to contact the lottery that the bad news comes! Indeed, the organization explains to them that their grid is not valid because the application has not validated it.

The reason is very simple: the couple had no more money in their personal account. Thus, the automatic payment could not be made on the EuroMillions application. The tile !

The couple then misses their jackpot, which does not discourage them as they intend to continue playing EuroMillions . On the other hand, they have decided to change their combination of numbers and they will however now have to check that their account is still supplied.

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