A kind man on the subway made this little boy’s dream come true

In the morning, someone reads a book or a newspaper, someone tries to spend this time at work so that the report is better, and others sleep before work.

Everyone finds something to do in the metro. Most often, passengers do not communicate with each other, because it is somehow not accepted

Once they meet, they will probably never see each other again. But there are still cases when contact begins, or rather, not contact, but mere contact.

It happened on the New York subway. The young man, traditionally arriving at his destination by car, enthusiastically pressed the phone.

At first he was browsing through mail, but apparently got bored and decided to play games on his smartphone.

A 6-8 year old boy sat nearby, occasionally looking at the neighbor’s phone. The boy curiously looks at what is happening on the big boy’s smartphone.

But most likely, the boy cannot keep up with them, and he did what not everyone could do. He handed the phone to the little passenger.

The boy began to play enthusiastically and his face lit up with joy and a smile. Really, who among us would give their phone to a complete stranger?

Especially in the metro, as robberies and robberies are very common. But apparently the guy is very brave and very open to people because he believes in their sincerity and decency.

This incident became known thanks to Kia passenger Tatiana Davis, who noticed the boy’s curiosity and began to film this couple.

Back home, he posted the images on Facebook. They gained great popularity on the Internet and became famous.

It may not be the most generous gesture, but it is sweet and sincere. It turns out that even in ordinary things and trifles you can show your humanity and kindness.

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