When the woman came on stage, the jury members kind of suppressed their laughter, and when the performance started…the whole room was in shock

When the housewife came on stage, everyone was surprised. No one expects such a performance from him. Irina has been interested in music since she can remember. As a child, her grandfather, who sang and played the piano, instilled in her a love of music.

She tried and above all found the time to sing everywhere. For this reason, she dreams of traveling, singing on large stages, conveying positive emotions and pleasure to people.

Indeed, many creative people only realize later, over time, that they have chosen the wrong path. And it’s very good when they have a second chance and they can take advantage of this opportunity and change their lives. The main heroine of this video is Irina, 55 years old.

She is a math specialist by education and a homemaker in life. The members of the jury did not expect much from his performance. However, when she started to sing, everyone’s mouth opened. She performs the song “Damn Your Eyes”. Watch the video below:

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