For several months, the dog has been resting on the grave of his owner: he loved her so much

Dogs are called one of the most loyal creatures that live on our planet. This story is about the fact that dogs are capable of devotion, which is not typical for everyone. This dog was recently left alone. The owner of the animal is d. deceased, but his pet could not accept p. stop and say goodbye to your loved one. The dog wants to be as close as possible to the owner Dec. édé, so he spends all his days on his grave.

The cemetery workers say they see this dog every day. The dog is lying on the grave and looking sadly into the distance. People took pictures with which they wanted to show how loyal animals can be.

This dog really cannot leave anyone indifferent. There is so much pain and desire in his eyes that he is able to touch anyone.

Employees tried several times to remove the dog from the cemetery, but each time it returned to the owner’s grave. One day the dog noticed a cemetery employee and thought it was his owner who had returned, he ran closer when he realized his mistake, his face showed deep disappointment.

This animal arouses deep respect, because it has not forgotten its owner and is sad about it. I would like to believe that soon the dog will come to terms with his loss and find a family.

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