Joshua Beckford, 14, has entered Oxford: he is one of the smartest children in the world

Meet this super smart young man named Joshua Beckford from Nigeria.

He has been declared the smartest young man in all of Britain.

He was diagnosed with the highest level of functional autism.

This little miracle is only 14 years old, but he has already been listed as one of the most intelligent individuals in the world.

Generally, at the age of six, many children are learning to read or count, but this is not the case.

The young man has known all the scientific training.

Thus, he managed to enter one of the best universities on Earth.

It’s incredible, but as his father claimed, when his son was 10 months old, he could already read, write and recite the alphabet.

Moreover, at the age of 2, he could read fluently and at the age of 3, he spoke Japanese.

Currently, this eminent youngster is considered to be the youngest individual to study at Oxford World University.

Only, at the age of 6, his father realized the great potential of his intelligent young “brain” and contacted the university.

Since then, Joshua has been studying philosophy and history at a famous university.

Although the young man is only 14 years old, he has a definite plan to pursue his career in neurosurgery.

Its main goal is to save and develop our planet to make it a better place for living creatures.

Additionally, he intends to become an astronaut and is also working on a children’s book about Egypt.

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