It’s amazing how a woman has transformed an old railway carriage into a magnificent house

We’ve all heard of people living in tiny homes or off the grid. But have you ever thought of living in a train car?

This woman from the Central Otago region of New Zealand discovered these historic wagons and decided to fix them herself.

Visiting his humble home, we can tell that it was built with love and devotion. Mandy worked on boat and yacht restoration projects with her ex-husband.

When she discovered these old cars and recognized their enormous potential, she had no idea that her knowledge would come in handy.

She had planned to buy a beachfront property, but those cars tracked her down and she never looked back.

She claimed that repairing vintage cars was a difficult task. It was initially completely saturated. She even discovered dead birds inside!

The windows were damaged and it seemed hopeless at first, but Mandy believed she could breathe new life into this once bustling train car.

The location offers an incredible panoramic view.

The magnificent view will always welcome you when you walk around the terrace of your accommodation, day or night.

Mandy has a small bathtub outside her house, but warns she must be careful as water is scarce in the area.

His residence is totally autonomous.

Since she has no access to water or electricity, she collects rainwater and stores it for later use. His house is also powered by solar panels connected to a reliable generator.

Heating is also not a problem as it has a fantastic fireplace which heats the whole apartment.

Mandy’s main house is located on the first car. Its magnificent living room will welcome you as soon as you enter.

Her kitchen is on the right, which she admits to rarely using but which she devotes as much time to maintaining.

On the left there is an adjoining bathroom and a pretty bedroom.

The toilet will be removed, but don’t worry because she has a separate long-range toilet located outside her house. Her room does not disappoint. It seems to be cozy and warm, and look at that window!

The other car has more space for tourists.

She didn’t want them completely refurbished, cleaned and polished. She remembered seat numbers, previous notes,

and even water streaks on wood. It turns out that these small imperfections fit perfectly into the overall elegance of the room.

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