This dad’s reaction when he learns that his daughter passed her nursing exam is heart-melting

Getting a degree is an important step in getting started in the workforce, and it usually makes parents especially proud. And the extract that you will discover below is proof that the latter are often very involved in the course of their children.

The 26-year-old, from Estero, Florida, posted an emotional TikTok video last month in which she is seen crying in the arms of her dad, who is also in tears, after learning that she had passed her nursing exam. Her video has already been viewed more than 620,000 times since March 10 and she has aroused the admiration of many Internet users, very touched to see so much joy and happiness.

It was Mark who had the idea to immortalize this moment for posterity. I said to Shannon, “Let’s make a video of this, pass or fail. Because it will be something you can look back on for the rest of your life, because it will be the start of your career. Your children and perhaps your grandchildren will be able to watch this video and they will no doubt be very happy about it,” the 65-year-old told our colleagues from Good Morning America.

At the time, Shannon said she was truly convinced that she had failed the board of nurses’ NCLEX exam, a licensing validation that one must pass in order to practice as a forensic nurse. “I was so scared, nervous, I was already crying before I saw the result, thinking I had failed,” she explained.

For his part, Mark had already heard that it was not uncommon for candidates to take the exam more than once and tried to reassure his daughter before she heard the good news or the bad news: “ I told her ‘whatever the outcome, what you find out, I will always love you like I did the minute you were born’. I was sort of preparing her for the possibility of failure, but in my heart. I really knew she had. »

Shannon didn’t always know she wanted to be a nurse . After earning her bachelor’s degree in family and child sciences, she wasn’t sure what her future career would look like. So she took a year to work, save money and think about what she wanted to do. “I decided to take the leap into the unknown and enroll in nursing school. I have a bit of the impostor syndrome: I don’t think I can do what I want to do, but I always prove myself wrong,” said the young woman. And she added: “COVID has caused a lot of exhaustion and negative energy in the health care system. I therefore hope that my colleagues and I can remedy this.

As you can imagine, Mark is very proud of his daughter’s journey. For him, seeing the one he describes as “intelligent” and “hard worker” achieve the goals she has set for herself is a real satisfaction. “She has a heart of gold. She always helped people and I knew that was her passion,” he said.

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