At 50, he learns to read and write to write a love letter to his wife

A report broadcast on France 2 tells the story of Olivier Allaeerd, a 50-year-old man who decided to learn to read and write to declare his love to his wife through a letter written by him.

There are a plethora of ways to declare your love to your wife, whether through tender words or thoughtful gestures, on a daily basis. Olivier Allaeerd has decided to walk the talk.

His story was told in a report broadcast on France 2, as part of the program “Beyond words”. This 50-year-old says that when he was a child, he never had a taste for school and was not very helped by his parents either.

An arbitrary education that made him illiterate. Not knowing how to read or write, Olivier still managed to build a healthy and stable life alongside his wife Nathalie, with whom he had four children.

However, Olivier remains aware that his illiteracy is an obstacle. He quickly realized this but did not want to hide it from his wife. It is during an appointment at the restaurant, with friends, not knowing how to read the menu, that the mask falls.

But Nathalie, surprised, decides to support him, having had an education of mutual aid and empathy. Illiteracy is not an insurmountable thing and she will accept Olivier as he is.
So Olivier started from scratch to learn to read and write, returning to a classroom with a private teacher. More than overcoming his illiteracy, Olivier does it above all for his wife because he wanted to write her a love letter for her birthday.

After months of effort and work, he managed to write this touching letter and also read it in public, in front of his wife, on her birthday. A moving gesture that made Nathalie proud of her husband.

A magnificent love story to discover in the report, in full on the France 2 site !

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