He leaves to pick up his animal from the groomer and realizes on returning home that he has taken… the wrong dog

In the United States, a man brought the wrong dog home from the groomer without realizing it.

And the Oscar for Best Husband Ever goes to Rudy Salazar, an American from San Jose, California. The reason ? Armed with his good will, he brought the wrong dog home from the groomer without realizing it, reports The Daily Mirror.

This hilarious anecdote happened on December 27, 2019. On that day, Rudy’s wife, a certain CoCo, asked him to pick up their dog named BooBear from the groomer.

On the spot, the father of the family recovered the doggie with the white coat before returning home. The latter was far from suspecting that the hairball was going to create “trouble” for him with his companion.

Back home, CoCo asked her husband to take a good look at the dog he was holding in his arms. Indeed, she had noticed that something was wrong with their pet . And for good reason ! The poor man got the wrong dog and he hadn’t even noticed it.

At the time, CoCo hastened to tell this giddiness on its Facebook account: “ Everyone tells me that I do too much, ask your family to help you. After a 15 hour working day, my wonderful husband said to me, “Honey, how can I help you?”. I said ”You can pick up BooBear from the groomer for me and here’s what happens…He’s coming home with the wrong dog ,” she wrote.

Before adding: “ They gave him a dog named Coco because he said I was helping my wife CoCo. The best husband in the world! He had one job .”

Rest assured ! BooBear has reunited with his beloved masters, and everything is back to normal.

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