This eagle refuses to move and is buried under the snow to protect its eggs during a storm

As a snowstorm swept through Minnesota, a bald eagle continued to incubate her eggs to protect them from the cold.

At the end of February, a bald eagle in Minnesota (United States) was seen partially buried under a mound of snow after the passage of a storm. The bird was actually incubating her eggs despite the weather.

This scene was unveiled this Thursday, March 2, by the “EagleCam” camera, managed by the Minnesota Department of Natural Resources, which monitors the nest 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

In eagles, the pair take turns in hatching the eggs. For his part, the male also provides food and protects the nest from predators.

The couple of birds protect their brood from the cold
As the department specifies, the two birds were aware of the arrival of the storm since the latter built a more solid nest . In the footage, one of the parents is seen covered in snow as it broods its eggs to protect them from the cold.

Also according to the department, the bird remained in this position for a while before passing the baton to its partner. Note that the snow provides an additional layer of insulation.

The two bald eagles welcomed two eggs in February, but the female could lay a third egg in the coming days.

The EagleCam, which has been in operation for ten years, will show the hatching process of the chicks: ” In 34 to 39 days, viewers may be able to observe chicks ,” the Department of Natural Resources explained on its Facebook account.

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