Not picking up your dog’s excrement will now cost you 750 euros

It is well known: uncollected dog droppings disfigure the streets and give passers-by a real nightmare. Faced with this situation, the municipality of Bergerac (Dordogne) decided to strike hard to get rid of this incivility.

In France, dog waste is mainly prohibited on public roads, sidewalks and public green spaces. You may not know it, but owners who do not pick up their dogs ‘ excrement are liable to a 2nd class fine of 35 euros.

However, the municipalities have the right to set another price. This is particularly the case for the town of Bergerac (Dordogne). And the least we can say is that the mayor of the city, Jonathan Prioleaud, has decided to strike hard.

A gargantuan fine
In April, the latter set up a fine of up to 750 euros for any dog ​​owner who does not pick up the droppings of his animal in public space, reveal our colleagues from South West.

“People accompanied by a dog are obliged to proceed immediately, by any appropriate means, to the collection of the droppings of this animal” , stipulates the municipal decree. The town hall website recalls that any offense is punishable by a “fourth class fine” of up to 750 euros according to the Penal Code.

Asked by AFP, veterinarian and LREM deputy for the Alpes-Maritimes Loïc Dombreval believes that this decision is “the highest level of fine at the national level” . But that’s not all !

During walks, owners will also need to bring two collection bags. Otherwise, they may receive a fine of up to 38 euros. Note that these two sachets will be distributed free of charge.

Through this gesture, the municipality hopes to limit the number of incivilities. It must be said that Bergerac is classified as a city of art and history, and attracts a large number of tourists each year.

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