“I am in love with a chandelier”: she is objectophile and “nobody” understands her

Today we tell you the atypical story of an Englishwoman who fell in love with a… chandelier.

“ In the kingdom of love, anything is possible ,” said American novelist Henry Miller. He didn’t believe so well to say because today we hold the palm of the most improbable love affair there is.

An Englishwoman, named Amanda, is having a love affair with a… luster.

Living in Leeds in the north of England, this woman is what is called an objectophile (or objectum-sexual) person, that is to say that she feels an attraction for objects and not for the people.

A not trivial orientation which was revealed when she was still only a teenager.

Objectophile, she fell in love with a… chandelier that she loves madly
“ I first fell in love with drums when I was 14. Then, years later, I fell in love with the American flag and the Statue of Liberty ,” she confides in an interview with British media Truly.

This ” relationship ” with this chandelier, which she baptized “Light”, fills her with joy, so much so that she claims to have never been so happy in her life.

” He’s fun and handsome. He is 100 years old. It is symmetrical (…) I found it on eBay, it was in Germany. I immediately fell in love with its energy and its positive vibes ,” says Amanda, who loves to caress the crystals of her beloved chandelier, charmed by the sparkles it emits.

Of course, this extraordinary relationship is perceived rather oddly by those around her and Amanda can only see the lack of tolerance of the people around her.

” It’s difficult because no one understands me ,” she laments.
In particular, she had to deal with jokes and other judgments from others, but she remains convinced that the opinion of her detractors can change if they take the time to listen to her story.

” I’m doing this interview to open people’s eyes, not only to objectum-sexuality, but also to anyone who feels excluded or different, because what matters is your health and happiness,” explains- she.

“ Generally, I think there’s still a lot of misunderstanding in the world. But people are more and more open to difference. There are more acceptances than before, but there is certainly still work to be done, ”concluded Amanda, who does not say she is closed to the idea of ​​one day knowing a human love, which has already happened to her. twice in the past.

We wish him all the happiness in the world with Lumière!

History does not say, however, how long this improbable love has lasted. Chandeliers maybe…

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