At 75, she gives birth to a baby girl and breaks a world record

In India, a 75-year-old woman successfully gave birth to a baby girl, conceived through in vitro fertilization (IVF). A record feat because it is the latest pregnancy in the world!

She had been waiting for this all her life, but never got it. But at 75, Prabha Devi is a happy woman because she was finally able to give birth to a baby girl, in a private hospital in Rajasthan, India.

After years of failures trying to get pregnant naturally, she and her 80-year-old husband, already parents to an adopted child, decided to use in vitro fertilization to make their dream come true.

This feat, however complicated it was medically, allows Prabha Devi to set the world record for the latest pregnancy.

Born premature, she weighed only 680 grams
However, giving birth proved to be a delicate ordeal for the woman, who presented to the hospital five days before the delivery, when she was only six months pregnant:

“We gave her an ultrasound (…) She was sick, and considering her age and the complications encountered, we did not want to take the risk of endangering either the mother or her child. So we decided to give birth to the baby via caesarean section (…).” , details his gynecologist, doctor Abhilasha Kinker, with the newspaper The Sun.

A life-saving cesarean section for the mother and the baby : “If we had not triggered this delivery, she could have died in childbirth” , he specifies.

The girl is therefore a premature baby, born after 30 weeks and who weighed barely 680 grams. After a few days placed in an incubator, she is now in stable condition but must still reach 3.3 kilos before being able to leave the hospital.

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