Taken in by a shelter, a blind dog and his “support” cat were adopted together

In Canada, a blind dog has formed a strong relationship with a cat. Since their first meeting, the two furballs have been inseparable. Six months ago, the duo were adopted by a loving family after spending eleven days in a shelter.

Spike is a dog suffering from an eye condition: cataracts. This disease is characterized by progressive loss of vision. For his part, Spike lost his sight completely and both of his eyes had to be removed.

Fortunately, the canine can count on the presence of Max, his “ support cat ”. Since their first meeting, the two animals – eight years old – have been inseparable.

The blind dog and the cat form an adorable duo
In January, Spike and Max were placed in the care of the Saving Grace Animal Society, an animal shelter located in Canada . Their former owners could no longer take care of them.

On site, the two furballs strengthened their friendship: “It’s quite cute to see a dog and a cat maintain such a friendship ,” said Amanda McClughan, the director of the shelter. According to him, Spike and Max lived a large part of their lives on the streets.

She also points out that their particular friendship probably began when the animals had to hug each other to warm themselves from the cold. The duo then found a home before landing at the shelter.

The tabby-haired cat has made it his mission to take care of his protege: “Max simply brings him a certain comfort and a certain support. Spike can feel it, and his presence is a way to reduce his stress and anxiety ,” the young woman said.

The animals were adopted together
Last February, the shelter presented its residents on its Facebook page with the aim of finding them a new home. The association described Spike as “a happy dog ​​who loves life” .

Unsurprisingly, the two friends had to be adopted together at the risk of breaking their hearts. Following this publication, the shelter received many messages of support. About ten days later, Spike and Max were both adopted by a loving family.

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