Rescued From A Freezing Lake, This Kangaroo Appears To Offer A Handshake To Thank His Rescuers

In Australia, three men decided to help a kangaroo, which was frozen to death in a frozen lake. To thank them, the animal seemed to offer them a handshake.

Lake Burley Griffin is in Canberra, Australia. A few days ago, a kangaroo wanted to cross the lake, but the water was so freezing that he froze in the water. David Boyd, an Australian who was near the lake, saw the animal and decided to help him with two other men.

While one of them waited on the shore, the other two men approached the kangaroo gently , not without fear. Although this animal is kind to humans, it can be very dangerous if it feels threatened. Kangaroos can punch and kick that can gut a human, and they have very sharp claws.

If you see a kangaroo in need of help, it is advisable to alert the appropriate authorities, such as wildlife rescue associations, rather than intervening.

However, seeing the animal’s distress, the three Australians steeled themselves and decided to help. After gently approaching the kangaroo , the two men grabbed it. Initially, the animal tried to struggle before calming down, as if he had understood that he was coming to help.

Once on the shore, the animal seemed to thank its rescuers by holding out its paw, as if to offer them a handshake. According to David Boyd, it took about 30 minutes for the kangaroo to warm up and recover from its emotions, before leaving.

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