England: a man who could not read and write before the age of 18 will become a professor at the prestigious University of Cambridge

In England, a man who could neither read nor write before the age of 18 is about to return to the University of Cambridge as a professor.

Jason Arday has come a long way. Anyone who learned to read and write during adolescence will teach at the British University of Cambridge.

As Metro points out, the 37-year-old was diagnosed with autism as a child. Also according to the news site, Jason Arday remained moulted until the age of 11.

But his developmental delay did not prevent him from wondering about the world and society: “I was wondering about the war and wondering why some people were living on the streets ,” the professor told tabloid.

At the time, some people told him that he would probably spend his adult life in a specialized structure, but the Londoner fought to find his place.

After learning to read and write as a teenager, he became a physical education teacher. This first job gave her insight into the systemic inequalities that children can face in education.

During his studies, Jason harbored the dream of becoming a professor at Cambridge. A conversation with his mentor then allowed him to overcome his fears and get started.

Today, he is preparing to take up the post of professor of sociology of education at Cambridge. You may not know it, but Cambridge University is one of the best universities in the world.

“ My work is primarily about how we can open doors to more people from disadvantaged backgrounds and truly democratize higher education ,” said Jason Arday.

Before adding: “ I hope that being in a place like Cambridge will give me the influence necessary to lead this program at the national and global level ”.

Professor Arday holds two master’s degrees and a doctorate in education sciences. He has held positions at the University of Glasgow (Scotland), as well as at the University of Durham (England).

He will enter the University of Cambridge on March 6.

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