He offers himself a 500 m2 castle for 312,000 euros thanks to an incredible stroke of luck

To afford a splendid castle for the price of a Parisian studio seems impossible. And yet, imagine that it has already happened recently. Narrative.

Life in a castle makes more than one dream, but this dream has a price and it turns out to be inaccessible for ordinary mortals.

However, a man has just made us lie by acquiring a splendid residence in Hauts-de-France for next to nothing.

In April, this lucky guy bought the Château de Yaucourt-Bussus (Somme) at auction for the modest sum of 312,000 euros, the price of certain Parisian studios.

Difficult to do better, especially since the building is in excellent condition and no renovation work is to be expected.

For the same price as a studio in Paris, he offers himself a magnificent castle at auction

Built in the 18th century, this castle with an area of ​​500 m2 has a large living room but also a living room worthy of a reception room, a huge kitchen, six bedrooms and two bathrooms. All on a 3.4 hectare property with a wooded park and several outbuildings.

The former owner, who for the record had participated in the show “ Bienvenue chez nous ” on TF1 in 2014 and 2016, ran guest rooms there and also organized weddings.

But after contracting debts, the latter had no choice but to sell the estate to repay his debts.

Auctioned at 200,000 euros by the Amiens court on April 19, the castle finally found a buyer at 312,000, far from the basic estimates.

In real estate, this is called a gunshot!

This unbeatable price inevitably makes people react when you know that some studios or other 2-room apartments can sell for between 500,000 and 700,000 euros in Paris, where the average price per m2 is around 11,000 euros, according to the site seloger.com .

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