We simply can’t get enough of the fact that these dogs in Alaska ride the “puppy bus” like people

Dogs are sometimes viewed as unruly and spoiled brats, but what if they started acting just like people, riding the bus and occupying their designated seats to get where they were going?

Very wonderful to see them. Amaru, a 5-year-old, waits for the bus every day, gazing at the bus’s direction of origin.

His father, Gary Hisman, remarked, “He became accustomed to sitting there. He even directs his gaze in their expected direction. He’s an extremely intelligent person, according to The Washington Post.

Amaru participates in a playgroup run by Mo Mountain Mutts with his 40 companions. They operate a neighborhood dog-walking and training company.

Mo and Lee Thompson, a couple, are in charge of them. Three times a day, they go on unrestrained pack walks. Yet how they load their dogs into buses is what social media users find most entertaining.

Which dog will sit where is carefully considered. Some regions of the bus are more suited to the dogs, according to Mo. According to her, older dogs are assigned seats closer to the front, while rowdier puppies are given the “licky puppy corner” since they constantly lick one other while traveling.

As the dogs get on the bus, she also puts them through a brief training exercise and rewards good behavior with food.

On social media, Mo and Lee have a tremendous following; they frequently upload snippets of their bus journeys and strolls. “I initially started posting on social media for my clients,” Mo said.

Currently, the majority of fans enjoy watching the dogs board the bus and settle into their designated seats. “I adore how delighted they are to meet each other. I would die with joy to be on that bus,” a Tiktok user said.

“This warmed my heart in the finest manner, and when they said hello to their pals I almost sobbed,” another user remarked.

Mo and Lee, a couple, had never considered establishing a dog-walking business in Alaska. They came to Alaska for the summer; nevertheless, they decided to stay. They are from Michigan. Mo’s spouse was a special education paraprofessional who was also a waiter at the restaurant where she worked as a bartender, server, and hostess.

Afterwards, he was appointed athletic director. It all began when Mo and her coworker walked one other’s pets. Others started to learn about Mo’s dog walking services gradually, and many of them wanted to use them. “I just gradually started collecting up dogs until I needed to form a second group,” explained Mo.

She left her job at the restaurant in 2016. Her husband joined her when he lost his job due to covid in 2021. Their business started growing and Lee took up the Mo Mountain Mutts as his primary job also.

They now split and do their tasks. Lee looks after the afternoon trails while Mo manages the early treks. Also, they provide instruction, solitary walks, socialization training, and other activities.

The internet following is an extra benefit for the Thompsons, whose work with the dogs appears too wonderful to be true. It’s the dream, Mo said. I find it hard to accept that this is our profession.

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