Discovered the longest underwater tunnel in the world – VIDEO

The underwater tunnel in Mexico
A truly stunning spectacle, what we find ourselves witnessing if we watch the video of this historic discovery. In Mexico was found an endless underwater tunnel, 347 km long, which connects the two systems Sac Actun and Dos Ojos, in the Yucatan Peninsula. A really important discovery, as it is practically the biggest submerged cave of the planet. But not only: it seems that this tunnel at the bottom of the sea could help us to shed light on the ancient Mayan civilization.

This is reported by the Reuters agency, which specifies that the discovery came after ten months of exploration. The underwater archaeologist involved in the same GAM project, Guillermo de Anda, explains a little more: “This surprising revelation may help us better understand the development of the rich Mayan culture, which before the Spanish conquistadors was dominant in the entire region. The Mayan civilization attributed to cenotes (caves with the presence of water) a religious significance: this discovery will help us to appreciate much more clearly how some rituals and places of worship were born, and finally also the great pre-Hispanic settlements”.

Cenotes: The Underwater Caves of The Riviera Maya, Mexico - AquaViews

In the video published by Storyful we can admire the extraordinary work carried out by the group of explorers who discovered the underwater gallery. A video that has already totaled tens of thousands of views, and watching it you will understand why:


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