There is an incredible rainbow village: it is located in Sardinia

If you are looking for a lively and colorful place, Bosa is the one for you: it is a delightful rainbow village all to discover.

Taking a superficial look at the town of Bosa we might believe that it is made by the hand of an artist: it is the rainbow village of Sardinia. This delightful town is characterized by rows of brightly colored houses, clinging to the Serravalle hill and supported by the Malaspina castle.

Italy’s most colorful village is in Sardinia
The exploration of this picturesque town is a real quest, the beauty here lies in every corner, that’s why it deserves to be discovered.

Bosa: the rainbow town of Sardinia
Bosa is located in the province of Oristano, in the western part of Sardinia, is a village that seems to be enchanted, crossed by the Temo, the only river that you can navigate in Sardinia.

The village of Bosa can seem almost a museum made of peculiar stores that are arranged in old tanneries, a scenario that shows the entrepreneurial past of this village famous for its leather production. But let’s see today the main attractions of this village.

The history of the rainbow village of Sardinia
The origins of Bosa are ancient, its history lives and breathes among the burial caskets that date back to the prehistoric and protohistoric period, but also burial structures carved into the rock. Historically after the landing of the Phoenicians this village was born, but with the arrival of the Romans begins to flourish. In the medieval period instead is built the Church of San Pietro.

What to see in Bosa
To visit this village in a genuine way and grasp its authenticity is recommended to discover the medieval streets, peculiar elements of the entire historical center. The soul of this village is definitely the medieval quarter sa Costa, which is located at the foot of the hill of Serravalle. The stone stairways, ancient arcades and colorful facades draw an almost magical city.

The most colorful village in Italy is in Sardinia

We also find the Church of the Immaculate Conception, and the city cathedral which is distinguished by two domes with characteristic colored majolica.
To see we also have the Malaspina castle that emerges from the hill of Serravalle, a structure built by the Malaspina family that today has few remains. Inside the walls we have the church of Nostra Signora de sos Regnos Altos which has some valuable paintings of the 14th century.

The most modern place is called Sa Piatta and here we can admire structures of the eighteenth century as Casa Deriu, now a museum that testifies to the craft and artistic production of the village.

The coast of Bosa: the paradise of Sardinia
In addition to the architectural and historical beauty Bosa also has natural wonders. Just in the hamlet of Bosa Marina we have a famous beach about its famous 1 km and an incredible sea, so much so that it has been awarded every year the 5 blue sails of Legambiente.

Bosa is a rainbow village and not only for aesthetics, in this location you can also breathe a history made of art, crafts and unforgettable beauty.

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