Wonders of Germany in spring: the most spectacular places

We offer you the wonders of Germany to visit in spring: here are the most beautiful and spectacular places, to leave you breathless. All useful information.

Who said Germany is only about beer festivals and big metropolitan cities with museums, theaters and vintage and avant-garde architecture? This very rich country also has a wide range of natural beauty, along with art cities and some historic towns that have kept their historical and artistic heritage intact.

Germany offers spectacular natural landscapes, including forests, hills, lakes, mountains and picturesque villages, all waiting to be discovered. The ideal time to visit these places is spring.

A trip at Easter or maybe later, in late season, is an opportunity to discover territories that may be little known but that reserve extraordinary surprises. Here’s where to go and what you absolutely must see in Germany in spring. Places

Germany is a country that offers so much to visitors: from big and famous cities, to medieval villages, from magnificent castles to a land of great rivers, forests, hills, mountains, lakes and wild cliffs.

Visiting Germany in spring will give you many beautiful surprises and many wonders to admire. Here’s where to go.

One of the wonders of Germany is the Black Forest (Schwarzwald, in German). It is a vast mountainous, forested area located in the southwest of Germany, in the state of Baden-Württemberg. The Black Forest area is 160 km long and 60 km wide, it is bordered in the west and in the south by the Rhine Valley, which it shares with France, and it borders in the south with Switzerland. In its territory there are vast expanses of woods, crossed by rivers and waterfalls, and mountains, the highest of which is the Feldberg at 1,493 meters (4,970 feet).

The whole area is of high scenic value and there are several protected natural areas. The territory, then, is scattered with beautiful and picturesque medieval villages, which have preserved the ancient urban structure and the traditional half-timbered houses, such as Schiltach. Visiting these villages in spring, full of flowers in the windows, will be a wonder for the eyes. In the Black Forest you can enjoy various sports activities, from hiking to paragliding, and visit the area with the panoramic tourist trains.

A traditional tourist destination in Germany is the very famous Neuschwanstein Castle in Bavaria. We are from the south of the country, in the municipality of Schwangau, near the border with Austria. The castle, which inspired Walt Disney for his animated films, is one of the most romantic in Europe and is also known more simply as the castle of Ludwig, the Bavarian king who had it built at the end of the nineteenth century, recalling the medieval Gothic style.

The beauty of this imposing building is also given by the place where it stands, a cliff that stands out among the mountains and forests of Bavaria. Don’t miss the Marienbrücke, the bridge under the castle where you can admire a breathtaking view of Neuschwanstein, the one depicted on postcards. The whole area of Schwangau and nearby Füssen is worth a visit, full of other interesting castles, lakes and characteristic landscapes.


Back in Baden-Württemberg, you should not miss the town of Blaubeuren in the Swabian Alps. Here, in addition to a delightful town in traditional German style, you’ll find a wonder called Blautopf, a bright blue lake surrounded by forest, overlooked by an old water mill, dating back to medieval times, with a white half-timbered house and a sloping roof. Next to the mill there is also a small church. This is the source of the river Blau, whose name says it all and from which the town of Blaubeuren itself. The town is located about 80 km south of Stuttgart and the nearest large city is Ulm. The surrounding area is also worth seeing.


In this list of places to see in Germany in spring we also include a city. We choose Stuttgart, the capital of Baden-Württemberg for the beauty of its historic center and its vitality in spring. Here in fact, in addition to seeing the monuments of the city and especially the famous Stiftskir cathedral

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